Flower Water, Rose Water, other natural essential oils

Try more lavender and other products and enjoy the utility of natural products in everyday life.

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Lavender Flower Water

Lavender flower water in a 150 ml blue pet bottle

3.72 €

Oregano essential oil 10ml

Oregano essential oil from farmers in Voio, Kozani area

6.20 €

Rose Water 200ml

100% pure distilled rose water

6.82 €

Essential Oil Laurel (laurus nobilis) 5ml 100%

Manufacturer: Kitsos Essential Oils

6.20 €

Laurus Flower Water (laurus nobilis) 100ml

Manufacturer: Kitsos Essential Oils

4.96 €

St John's wort oil 50 ml

Manufacturer: Collaboration of aromatic and pharmatic plants in Voio Kozani, Greece

6.94 €

Essential oil of Melissa officinalis 5 ml

100% natural product from the mountain of Xirovouni in Ioannina, Greece

7.44 €

Essential Oil Wild Sage 5 ml

100% natural product from native wild sage from the mountains of Epirus, Greece


8.68 €