Lavender essential oil, dry lavender flowers and 3 dry lavender sachets

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Essential oil and dried lavender cultivated in Louvri Kozani by producer Vasileios Tzimtsos and available from are organic farming products certified by Bio Hellas.

The lavender essential oils come from the distillation of flower buds that belong to the Lavandula Angustifolia category, namely, the original lavender. What makes it unique is its distinctive mild scent, middle note, and its numerous qualities and uses. According to herbalists it relaxes both body and mind. It combats insomnia and has regenerative qualities in burns and bites. It is an effective insect and moth repellent. It has a beneficial effect on headaches, muscle aches, digestive disorders, gynecological problems, stress, depression, eczema, acne, psoriasis.

During your order, in the comment field, please mention your essential oil variety: Hemus or Sevtopolis.

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