Bouquet of dry (or fresh) lavender flowers.

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Bouquet of dry (or fresh) lavender flowers (30 - 40 grams).

Due to its soothing qualities lavender is used to reduce stress, hypertension, as well as to treat minor depression. Herbalists believe that lavender extract can be used to treat migraine and insomnia. Other researchers believe that a cup of lavender flowers tea combats insomnia.

The lavender cultivated in Louvri, Kozani by farmer Vasileios Tzimtsos and can be ordered through, is an organic product, as certified by the organic products organization, Bio Hellas.

The order concerns dry lavender flowers. You can order fresh flowers during blooming times, namely between June and August. In this case you must place your order during the blooming period (June-August) and you should state it clearly in the comments of your order, specifically Step 4: Delivery.

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